I don t have a truck but I live in a very convenient location in Ukiah. If you have a box springs that you don t want to take to the landfill, I am looking for a clean queen size box springs if you could deliver it it would be awesome! Thank you
looking for golf bag for men's golf clubs hopefully with a stand and handle.
Hi, I became in an unfortunate situation and I am in desperate need of a FREE tent ASAP. Thank you so much.
If anyone has any to share I would be super excited.
My bee hive just started thriving and needs room to expand. I want a 10-frame size DEEP box, preferably with the frames included. Box, frames, or both, I can use them now. Please help!
Wanted: composting bin or bins. I m clearing weeds & brush from our property in advance of fire season. Our green waste bin can t handle everything the land is generating; the only way we re going to keep up is to mulch and compost. Please, any un-needed compost bins will be appreciated.
Wanted: working weed wacker, preferably gas powered. I have an acre of land to weed and remove brush from, in advance of fire season. (My battery powered DeWalt just died.).
My daughter was gifted an old wooden doll house and I was hoping to see if someone might have some extra wooden dollhouse furniture for it.
Hello, Id love to have a bird bath for my flower area... Its getting so hot... thank you!
I am in need of shorts capris summer dresses and t shirts or tank tops I wear an large tp an x-large and size 12-13 bottoms and size 9 shoes anything helps thankyou
Sorry, I m not sure what it s called but I was hoping to find some for my dogs kennel. She is a spoiled inside dog so please don t jump to conclusions. Just wanted her kennel to be nice so she can spend some time outside when I m running errands or stuff. The place we built it doesn t grow grass and I don t want her laying in the dirt. Thanks
I am looking for a few 4-5' lengths of 3/4" PVC pipe. I could also use Ts and end caps if you have some laying around. I can pick up in Ukiah.
I have been given a fith wheel. I bought a truck. Then had to put the rest of my check into repairs. I need to be able to pick up my new home. The truck is killing my body. (Knees, back & neck). Please help and God bless you.
Boards can be plywood sheets/partial sheets, wide boards, even fence boards can help in building garden beds. Thanks
My husband is a handyman and a mechanic. If it's broke he'll fix it cheap. Works mainly for the needy. The ones that can't afford it. We lost our R.V. to thieves. And with it all our tools. So if anyone has a few extra they would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know. God Bless you.
In Search Of tins cans or just the tin lids from tin cans (such as food cans, coffee cans, etc.) for an art project. Can pick up inland (Ukiah, Redwood Valley, Willits, etc.). Thank you!
We are making prayer flags at the Methodist Church this Sunday and could use any of the above. I can pick up. Thanks so much. dorothygayle
Looking for an old metal frame gazebo for a gardening project. No canopy/ canvas cover necessary. Thanks! Jenn
I am looking for good large barrels or IBC totes for a rain collection system. I am willing to do moderate cleaning as long as they didn't contain chemicals since the water will be used for landscape and fruit trees.
lumber for a front porch, please if you have any that would be used to fix my daughter's porch that is sinking.
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