Looking for large 2" safety pins
draperies - at least 100" x 100" It can be more than one panel.
Prefer full size frig. Thanks.
Prefer a wooden dresser and not something made out of particle board. Thanks.
Wanted: got some concrete cinder blocks taking up space in your yard? I want them! I will pickup. Preferably free! Thanks!
I am seeking a box to fit something that is 45" x 45" x 8". I am located in Ukiah, but willing to travel around inland Mendocino County for pickup (Hopland, Redwood Valley, Willits, etc). Thank you for any leads!
Terracotta pots
Our farm's 3000 watt solar inverter is starting to kick the bucket. Looking for a working replacement.
My mini-burro Butchie needs a fly mask. One made to fit a (horse) foal should be about the right size for him. Or maybe one made to fit a small pony? TIA
My two mini burros have become little butterballs and now they have to go on a diet to slim down! That means I have to weigh their hay. Any type of hanging scale would work (spring or digital), and I can make something to hold the hay and attach it to the scale if necessary. Any scale that weighs things up to 6 or 7 pounds would work. TIA!
all and any kinds of bowling balls
I am looking for a 10 speed bicycle to be disassembled and used for parts for an art project. Specifically I need the back wheel with sprockets/gears. Any size, any condition, but back wheel can't be bent or rusty.
Looking to add some fish to my tank. Hoping someone might have some.
Looking for plants for the house or yard. Thank you.
I don t have a truck but I live in a very convenient location in Ukiah. If you have a box springs that you don t want to take to the landfill, I am looking for a clean queen size box springs if you could deliver it it would be awesome! Thank you
looking for golf bag for men's golf clubs hopefully with a stand and handle.
Hi, I became in an unfortunate situation and I am in desperate need of a FREE tent ASAP. Thank you so much.
If anyone has any to share I would be super excited.
My bee hive just started thriving and needs room to expand. I want a 10-frame size DEEP box, preferably with the frames included. Box, frames, or both, I can use them now. Please help!
Wanted: composting bin or bins. I m clearing weeds & brush from our property in advance of fire season. Our green waste bin can t handle everything the land is generating; the only way we re going to keep up is to mulch and compost. Please, any un-needed compost bins will be appreciated.
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